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i love it when i cook stuff for myself bc like i’ve just cooked pasta and yee bitch look at me providing for myself i could totally make it in this world it’s almost as if i have my life together

i take this back the pasta was shit i’m falling apart

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breakfast for dinner is fun when you’re a kid but when you’re an adult it’s just like “yo i ate lunch at 5 PM today and linear time is functionally meaningless”

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*drinks vodka* *gags* “ugh I hate vodka” *drinks vodka*

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trying to figure out someone else’s shower

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Ever since I turned 8, people seem to be less and less interested in hearing what my favorite dinosaur is.

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if it’s late enough and you’re lonely enough, the carly rae jepsen lyric “before you came into my life i missed you so bad” starts seeming increasingly deep and emotionally complex

3:02 AM and this fucking lyric looks like fucking nietzsche

stare into the abyss and the abyss will call you maybe

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