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We all know that feeling, vending machine

#i am also full of snacks and darkness

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We all know that feeling, vending machine

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when you’re in a group project and you’re the only one doing work


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why do drugs when you can do me 

i’ll take the drugs thank you

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what a day!!!!!!!! nothing happened and i was tired

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I like cards against humanity because it’s offensive and because this is an actual review on their website they chose to publish:


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When you say something bad about your self and your friends agree


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Dresses are so nice they’re just tubes of fabric you can throw on with very little effort and when you wear one and people are like “oh wow you dressed up you look really nice” but it’s like

ah yes my disguise is working. you think i cared this morning 

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i was speaking to a customer in Japanese once at work and my coworker overheard me and later in the break room he said to our other coworkers “man Andrew was over there speakin Naruto”

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